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Phase I ESA

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) is conducted to investigate both the present and past uses of a property, typically in the context of a commercial real estate transaction. The objective of this report is to determine whether current or historical property activities have had any impact on the soil or groundwater beneath the property, potentially posing environmental and human health risks. The discovery of such issues can create potential liabilities for the lender and/or property owner, and may also influence the property's overall value.

If a site is considered contaminated, a Phase II environmental site assessment may be conducted.

InTEC has performed environmental site assessments for over 20 years in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical Phase I ESA tasks?
  • An on-site visit is conducted to visually inspect and observe any signs of past and present property uses, as well as the activities on adjacent properties.
  • Review of existing database records
  • Check prior land usage
  • Review of historical aerial photos
  • Examination of chain-of-title
  • Review of flood plain map
  • Interview of persons with knowledge of the property
What is not included in Phase I ESA?

Actual sampling of soil, air, groundwater, or building materials is not included. If a site is considered contaminated, a Phase II ESA may be conducted.

How long does it take?

Phase I ESA for a standard small to medium size property is routinely completed in approximately 10 business days. Large properties or properties with long usage history can take longer time to complete.

How much does it cost?

Our costs for performing Phase I ESAs are competetive. The cost can vary depending upon the desired turnaround time and the nature of the property. Please contact us to discuss.