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Soils Engineering

All structures, including buildings, roads, cell-towers, water tanks, bridges, and retaining walls, ultimately rely on the support provided by the underlying ground (existing or reworked soils). Geotechnical study encompasses the process of sampling subsurface soils, conducting laboratory tests on selected samples, analyzing the test outcomes, and providing recommendations for various foundation types.

InTEC offers comprehensive geotechnical support throughout all phases of a project, ranging from the planning stage to construction.

InTEC has proudly delivered geotechnical engineering services in Texas for more than two decades. Our geotechnical offerings encompass:

  • Foundation analyses
  • Pavement recommendations
  • Expansive soil mitigation options
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Fill evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions

Subsurface Exploration
  • Geotechnical engineer determines the number and depth of borings based on available site information, anticipated foundation types, and structural information.
  • InTEC utilizes in-house drilling rigs to improve schedule flexibility, expedite turnaround times, and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Groundwater conditions are observed during the field exploration process.
  • Soil samples are recovered from different depths and subjected to various laboratory tests.
  • InTEC operates an in-house AASHTO-certified laboratory for soil testing.
  • Project geotechnical engineer prepares foundation recommendations utilizing the site soils information and propoposed project details.
  • Please contact us for more information.
How long does it take?
  • Smaller projects, consisting of only a few borings, are routinely performed within 10 to 12 business days.
  • Larger projects, consisting of numerous borings, deeper borings, or difficult to access sites may require longer duration.
  • The duration may be impacted by factors like site accessibility, underground utility locates, weather conditions, or the necessity of site access clearing.
  • Please contact us to discuss.
How much does it cost?
  • Our fees for conducting subsurface exploration and delivering soil reports are competitive.
  • Fees may vary depending on the project's scope and the requested turnaround time.
  • Please contact us to discuss.
Limitations of a soils report

The soils report includes only the recommendations based on the proposed scope. Generally, environmental related analysis is not included in the soils report. The soils report is based on a limited number of borings and assumed soil conditions between the borings. The soil conditions may vary across the site.